22 December 2014

Postpartum OCD Powerpoint

This past semester (Fall 2014), one of the (college) classes I took was Women's Health Issues. One of the assignments was to do a research presentation on a women's health issue. This included putting together a slideshow addressing the basics (symptoms, definition, treatment, etc.) which we then had to present to the class. I chose Postpartum OCD. We had a 4-minute time limit, which was REALLY difficult for me to meet, so it ended up being a VERY basic overview. I could have easily talked for the whole class period and just scratched the surface of PPOCD. It's such a complex and under-discussed issue...

Anyways, I thought I'd share my Powerpoint presentation in case it can be of help to anyone. I've got it uploaded to Google Drive so that anyone with the link can view it. Enjoy. :)


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