28 October 2011

Foto Friday: Daddy and his girls

I took this picture a while back at a park. Elizabeth is such a little Daddy's Girl and he is totally and completely wrapped around every single one of her fingers and toes. He actually found her in her room one day telling her stuffed animals "Daddy Izza-bear's finger" and making the "wrapped around your finger" hand motion. Oh how that made me laugh, especially at the look of chagrin on his face that she so totally and completely has his number.

I love that I have a husband who is so actively involved with parenting our children. He has no problem with changing a diaper, doing a bath, or coloring on the sidewalk. He wears Miriam in the Moby Wrap if she's cranky and that's the only way to console her. He loves to go to the playground and play with Elizabeth (Miriam is still a little small to play on the equipment). There are so many parents who are not so involved with their kids, and men who think that all that stuff is "the woman's job", and he is not one of them.

L - R: Eric with Elizabeth, April 2009; Eric with Miriam, April 2011

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  1. You picked a winner, Esther! It blesses my heart so much to see how much Eric loves his daughters and shows his love for them. Y'all keep it up!