27 March 2012

Update on the BabyCenter "Can color cure PPD" kerfuffle

Earlier today, I posted about BabyCenter's disturbing tweet and blog post regarding color as a possible cure for PPD and a clothing giveaway. I am happy to say that BabyCenter tweeted this afternoon:

    We are sorry! 

I followed the link and found that it took me to their response to my post on their Facebook wall:

The text, in case there's any weirdness with the image, reads:

Dear Babycenter, are you planning to post an apology and statement of how PostPartum Depression is something that should be taken seriously and NOT something that should ever be reduced to a marketing ploy, as it was when you Tweeted "Can color cure PPD?" to take people to a link for a post on your site that was a giveaway for nursing clothing? If you'd like to know how this made me, a PPD survivor, feel, please check out my blog post on the topic.
Hi Esther - We’re so sorry that this blog post made it seem like BabyCenter doesn’t take PPD seriously. The blogger has since changed the title and agrees it was a poor choice of words, especially since the post was about a product giveaway. We absolutely understand that PPD is a devastating illness and want to support moms who are in that dark place. Here is a link to a group in our comminity where moms can find support for PPD.http://community.babycenter.com/post/a31082965/ppd

I'm very happy with this response from BabyCenter. It was an unfortunate incident but hopefully one that can and will be learned from by everyone. The lesson for corporations is to think carefully about the issues you use for marketing purposes. There are many lessons for those of us who are not mega corporations but the one that stands out to me the most is that, contrary to the attitude some people have, online activism can and DOES make a difference.

Many people saw this and got involved. People tweeted, blogged, tweeted the blogs, and commented directly to the original post on BabyCenter. People saw something that didn't sit right with them and instead of sitting back and saying "Well, that sucks, I hope someone does something about it", they decided to be the someone and do something about it instead of just thinking about it. This is the way to bring about change and education, to combat ignorance. It's a lesson that applies to many issues, not just PPD. Whatever your topic/crusade is, your voice can make a difference. Be the change you want to see. Don't wait for someone else to light a candle in the darkness, strike your own match. The original BabyCenter post and tweet were an example of ignorance and this happy update is an example of how to fight it. Don't just sit on the sidelines of the battle, join it.

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