10 March 2012

The entire text of Jackie Hall's "Our REAL PostPartum Depression Treatment".

This is the entire text of Jackie Hall's 12-week PPD treatment program. The link at which I found this gem is http://www.postpartumdepressionrecovery.com/our-postpartum-depression-treatment/.

Our REAL Postpartum Depression Treatment

This page is for ANY Mum who feels completely alone…

or who feels like the WORST mum in the world.

“Mums: If You’re Feeling Sad, Hopeless,
Overwhelmed, and Alone… and Don’t Know
Where to Turn For Real Help… then what you read next will Be The
Most Important Letter You Ever Read.”

Here’s The True Story Of How I Went From Being So Depressed I NEVER
Wanted To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning… To Being Happier Than
I’ve Ever Been in My Entire Life…
As a former postpartum depression sufferer, I want to share my breakthrough recovery
secrets with you… so you can live the happy, joy-filled life you deserve!

Dear new Mum:
I have a few questions I’d like to ask you. Please, be open and honest with yourself as you answer them.
Are you happy right now? I mean, really happy? Are you at a point in your life where everything’s great?
Or… do you feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over you?
Do you feel like you’re constantly battling negative thoughts… and they’re making you feel overwhelmed and depressed?
Do you often find yourself with feelings of hopelessness, despair, or sadness? Are you frustrated because it causes such a burden and pain in your everyday life?
Do you find yourself with low energy and it’s tough to get motivated to do what you need to do?
Do you usually find yourself worrying or full of anxiety about the small things in your life?
Do you get angry or even lash out, for no apparent reason, at your kids or other loved ones? Do you ever feel that you’re alone, even when you’re in a room full of other people?
Do you feel like your life would be better if you didn’t feel this way all the time?
If you’re a new Mum who feels alone and in a very dark place right now… then chances are you’re probably struggling with postpartum depression.
And believe it or not, this happens to women more than you think. It’s quite common and it doesn’t mean you’re crazy.
More importantly, I’m going to show you the way out of the dark place you’re in right now.
I want you to know that…
You are NOT Alone… and There IS Hope!
Believe me, as someone who has struggled with postpartum depression… I can help you UNDERSTAND exactly what it takes to get you back to your happy, care-free self.
In fact, I was able to come up with 5 simple but powerful steps that will help ANY new mum get through her battle with after-pregnancy sadness and depression.
More importantly, you can learn how to get that happy life back in just a few minutes from now.
How much better do you think it will be for you when you know EXACTLY what you need to do to get back to living the happy life you KNOW you were meant to live?
And how much better will you feel knowing you’re being the best Mum you possibly can be for your children?

My Own Personal Journey…
Hi. My name is Jackie Hall… mum, parenting coach and author of The Happy Mum Handbook.
I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve personally been on the roller coaster of loving motherhood one minute… and hating it the next.
So I know how you feel.
I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to live in constant sadness and feelings of being all alone. And I also know what it’s like to live with the vicious cycle of anger, self-criticism, guilt, and overwhelm… feeling like the worst mother in the world because of it.
This can cause a lot of stress and frustration and can negatively affect your happiness and quality of life for both YOU and your family.
You see… six months after the birth of my second son, I found myself suffering from postpartum depression.
And it caused me to feel so sad and alone all the time.
As time went on, it only got worse because life seemed to become nothing more than a vicious circle.
I dreaded things like getting up at the crack of dawn, dealing with tantrums from my 16-month old, crying from my six-month old, and all the other new demands that were placed on me. I felt like I was isolated from all of the things that I had once enjoyed.
On a bad day, my anger would lead to sudden outbursts in front of my children, where I would yell and scream and throw things around, until I’d notice the horrified looks on their little faces.
I’d literally be brought to my knees in tears with guilt and self-hatred over my behavior. I couldn’t believe how bad of a mother I felt I had become.
But one day something happened that sent me on a mission to find help for my postpartum depression, and it changed my life forever.
During an angry outrage over one of my kids’ whining, I slammed a knife on the bench so hard… it bounced off and narrowly missed his head.
Completely shocked, I fell apart. I couldn’t handle it anymore. “I HATE MY LIFE” I screamed, as I ran crying to my room – all with my six month old still on my hip.
I honestly felt like…

I Was Trapped In A Dark Place I Couldn’t Get Myself Out Of…
I felt broken. I hated myself for what had happened. “Who does this?” I thought. “What sort of mother am I?”
And then, something strange happened. Right in the middle of that breakdown… right in the middle of those tears… I gained an amazing clarity and focus.
Two very distinct sentences entered my mind in that exact moment. It said:
“No one else can change this for you. No one else can change the way you feel about your life, only you can.”

I realized that if I didn’t do something for myself and learn how to make these changes… I’d be stuck feeling like this forever. And there was simply NO WAY I could deal with it.
So I went on a personal mission, and spent hours and hours reading every single book I could find on postpartum depression, regular depression, how to attain happiness, and more.
I was determined to do this for me AND my family. I owed it to them to be a better mum.

How I Finally Had My Breakthrough…
My big breakthrough came when I began reading books that were specifically written by Mums who had dealt with postpartum depression… who were now happier than they’ve ever been in their lives.
I literally became an information sponge… putting every single tip I learned into practice.
And the results were simply amazing because I started noticing dramatic improvements in my mood within the first few days.
I started feeling a lot better. Things didn’t seem to bother me as much.
I Finally Felt Happy…
From all the books I read, I learned 5 simple steps that gave me an overall feeling of peace of mind and calmness.
For the first time in a long time… I finally felt like myself again. I was content.
Because of those 5 steps I learned, these days my life is now filled with happiness and contentment, and NOT the sadness and irritability that my postpartum had been causing.
It’s like a giant weight has been lifted off from my shoulders.
And for a long time… my friends, family, and husband have been watching my transformation from angry, depressed mum… to a happy, caring, loving woman who has total peace of mind.
They’ve seen the success I’ve had, first-hand. And they all said “You have to write this stuff down and share it with other people. You could help out a LOT of other women who are dealing with postpartum depression!”
So that’s what I did.
I was able to develop an easy five-step process that I used (and still use today) to stop those relentless feelings of failure that come with postpartum depression.
And Now I Want To Help You Get Your Life Back…
I want you to know that there is something that you can do about your stress and your depression.
I’m living proof of that. I know what it feels like to be stressed and emotionally drained from postpartum.
I don’t want you to have to deal with that.
Ever since my discovery, I’ve helped thousands of women get back to living their lives.
And now, I’d love to share my 5 step process so you can change your current situation and stop your postpartum depression.
Introducing My 12 Week Postpartum Depression Recovery Program
My 12 week step by step Postpartum Depression Recovery Program will help you overcome the feelings of overwhelm and stress that can make motherhood seem almost unbearable at times.
You see, during my process of trying to get myself out of my postpartum depression, I came up with an easy-to-use five step technique called: The Mind TRACK to Happiness Process.
My system uses the word TRACK as an acronym for the five steps. They are:
T- Thoughts, R- Reality, A- Aim, C- Choices, K- Know your plan and take action!
Here Is What My System is All About

Think of this process as if you were climbing a ladder. At the bottom of the ladder are your sad, stressful, worthless thoughts and perceptions that are causing your postpartum depression. Your thoughts have become a habitual monologue that often runs unnoticed in the background of your mind. The first step is to acknowledge and identify these thoughts.
As you take the next step up the ladder to happiness… you start to change your thoughts. All stress is a conflict between belief (what I’m thinking) and reality (what is actually happening and an accurate perception of what is happening). These two steps are the most crucial steps that will STOP you feeling so sad and depressed! This program gives you a very specific and easy-to-remember model for upgrading the negative thinking to be in alignment with reality and change your perspective on the challenges you face.
Once you are aligned with reality, the rest of the steps turn your attention towards solutions: How to get what you want and do something about life when it’s not the way you want it to be.
By using this process… what you’re doing is shifting your attention away from those unproductive thoughts that are causing you to feel depressed, sad, and overwhelmed… and instead you’re changing your thoughts and habits so they support your HAPPINESS.
Bottom line is… if you learn the right mindset and approach to these challenges, you can change your defeated, negative, sad and depressed feedlings and begin feeling more happiness and enjoyment for life. All feelings are a result of your thinking. This program arms you with the ability to change this thinking (even in the heat of the moment) and handle ANY situation that arises in your life.
What’s more is that you don’t need to keep rolling around in the events of your past to get better. This only reinforces the thinking that underlies your depression. This program will teach you once and for all how to change this thinking and STOP feeling so bad about yourself and your life.

You Can Learn What I’ve Already Gone Through


Look, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you.
All that’s happening is that you have negative, self-defeating thoughts that are poisoning your mind. These need to be corrected and I can teach you how to do this.
It’s like we’re going to take that cassette tape of negative thoughts out of your tape player (your brain) and we’re going to smash it into little pieces!
With The Postpartum Depression Recovery Program, not only will you stop your postpartum depression, but you’ll also learn how to put a stop to the cycle of handing down the same depression-causing beliefs to your children.
Remember, YOU are the only one that can change the way you feel about your life and you can do this by joining this program and investing in new information that will change your life.
Does This Program ACTUALLY Work?
Many women ask me… “Could it really be THIS EASY to end your feelings of anger, sadness, aloneness, and overwhelm?”
“Could it really be possible that doing so will help increase my happiness in all areas of my life”?
And the answer is “Without a doubt!” I got over my postpartum depression and became a VERY happy mum who enjoys her kids.
I’ll show you the exact steps I used to end my postpartum depression and start living the happy, peaceful, comfortable life I’ve always wanted.
Because of my discovery… you don’t have to search for answers any longer.


You too Can Finally Have the Happy Life You Want
I’ll show you how to eliminate the negative energy that’s causing you to feel this way.
And as a result, you’re going to feel so much better about your life.
You’re going to become a much better Mum, parent, and role-model because of it.
I’m going to lay out the exact steps you need to follow… so you no longer have to wonder if you’re doing all the right things.
Better yet, you can learn ALL of it in just a few minutes… so you can start feeling more like yourself a lot sooner.

End Your Constant Sadness

& Be the Happy Mum You Want To Be

You won’t have the sadness, confusion, anger, and disappointment that MOST women deal with when they’re unaware of how to end their suffering.
Look, I know that you may not see a silver lining in your life right now.
I GET that. Again, I’ve been there.
It’s hard for you to feel enthusiastic or happy… because your own doubts and worries about your life are getting in the way of living the life you KNOW you were meant to live?
But I also want to let you know that…
It’s Not Too Late To Get A Brand New Lease on Life
Let me ask… have you ever wanted to get a “fresh start” in your life… where you finally had the happiness you really wanted?
It’s an incredible feeling when you can leave your worries behind you… and start out with a brand new feeling of peace.
It truly felt like a “fresh start” when I was able to get myself out of my daily “funk” and start being the mum I knew my kids deserved (and the wife I knew my husband deserved).
Feeling better and feeling happier will bring exciting changes and improvements in ALL areas of your life.
The Magic Moment When Your Life Changes For the Better…


I want you to experience that feeling when you truly feel happy with your life… when you truly have the happiness, comfort, peace of mind, and feelings of well-being you want.
Something magical will happen for you when you get over your postpartum depression because you’ll suddenly start to see things more clearly and you’ll start to feel like you’re “living” again.
Imagine what it will feel like to get out of bed in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead, feeling motivated and confident in your ability to handle whatever challenges come your way.
I want you to experience your magic moment… and I want you to realize that you can have ALL of this in just a short time from now.
Start Living Your Life To The Fullest Again…
Here’s what you’ll notice after using the Postpartum Depression Recovery Program:

  • RELIEF as you discover that what’s happening to you can be changed quickly and easily.
  • An UNDERSTANDING of why you got PPD in the first place (in fact it will make perfect sense to you after completing the first week’s lesson!)
  • A clear and effective way to STOP anger, guilt, self-criticism and feeling like a failure
  • You’ll get your SELF-WORTH back and you’ll learn how to feel good about yourself again.
  • MOTIVATION and interest in setting goals and getting back into life again
  • EMPOWERED to take on motherhood and the challenges of your life.
  • The ability to be a HAPPIER, MORE CONFIDENT MUM.
Remember, I’ve been where you are and I know exactly how you feel.
And I’m PROOF that things can change for the best.
I designed this program to help you get rid of the anger, overwhelm, sadness, and feelings of being alone!
Here’s How This 12-Week Depression Recovery Program Works…
Each week… you’ll be sent a link via email with access to the week’s lesson that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to work your way out of your depression
Every day you’ll receive an email telling you what each day’s lesson is about with a link to log in.
On the 7th day of each week, you’ll be given an exercise to do so that you can USE in your daily life exactly what you’ve learned.
You’ll also have access to a member’s only Question and Answer (Q&A) Forum where you can ask questions about the material and how it relates to your specific situation.
If you have a particularly sensitive topic and you don’t wish to have it up on the Member’s Forum, you can email your question direct to me and I’ll help you in person.
I’m Right There, By Your Side, Each Step of the Way…
You’ll always be answered within 24 hours of posting your question.
Not only will you have your questions answered through the Member’s forum, you’ll also be able to see the answers of other questions posted by other members.
That way, you get to see different ways this information can be applied to different circumstances, giving you an even deeper understanding of the 5 steps taught in this program.
If you email the question, it will not be seen on the forum, so your privacy is maintained.


So How Much Does This Program Cost?
Well, let me ask… what price can you put on feeling better about yourself?
What’s your happiness worth?
Because the truth is, it’s not about how much this going to cost you… it’s about how you’re going to feel when you finally stop feeling sad, alone, and overwhelmed.
The fact is, you can’t put a price on your child being able to have a happy mother!
You’d spend thousands of dollars going to see a doctor. In fact, if you do feel you’re suicidal or in a deep, deep depression, I suggest you get medical help right away.
But without a doubt, just like the thousands of other mums I’ve helped with depression, you too can be happy, healthy and more confident in yourself and in your parenting abilities.
And since I can offer this system to you as an online, downloadable system… there are no printing or shipping costs. That way, I can pass along the savings to you.
If you join today, the Postpartum Recovery Program is now only 
 $19.95 a week!
I can honestly say that there’s NEVER been a resource for mums that gives you the support, guidance, and knowledge you need for such an unbelievably affordable price.
For the Cost of a Cup of Coffee a day, you can Feel Happy Again
But just one small word of warning; this program is only $19.95 per week for a limited time. Once we fill up the class with a number I can comfortably teach, I’ll stop accepting enrollment.
So if you want to finally get out of that dark place that’s holding you back from living your life to the fullest, you’ll want to act right now.
What’s more… you are NOT locked into the full 12 weeks; you can stop at any time.
Not only that… I know you’re a busy, exhausted, overworked and time-strapped mum.


So This Program Was Designed Specifically For Busy Mums!
  1. Most lessons are available in Audio – You can download the audio lessons right through your iphone, ipad or PC. That way, you can listen to the lessons while doing your housework. (Note: a great way to fit the daily reading in while your little one sleeps.)
  2. Some lessons are taught via video – Lessons sometimes contain videos to show you a visual explanation of the method.
  3. It’s time friendly – Knowing how mums are often short on time, your readings only take about 15 minutes each day. And just one hour is all that’s needed for your end of week exercise. Breaking it down this way helps you fit it in with the demands of your day.
  4. You only have to remember five steps – The best part of this program is that you’ll be learning a simple, easy 5-step process that will help you to handle every challenge that you come across both in parenting and in life and you will be shown many different ways that this simple process can be applied.
  5. Order Now and Receive These 3 Gifts, Worth at Least $98, FREE!
Free Bonus #1: The Happy Mum Handbook ($29.95 value)

Order now and you’ll get a PDF copy of the internationally top-selling ebook – The Happy Mum Handbook. This is 300 pages of original information containing the full method used by the Anti-depression Association of Australia who have helped over 4,000 people to overcome stress, depression and anxiety with very high success rates.
Free Bonus #2: YOU Inside the Mum PDF Manual ($29.95 value)
You’ll also receive a free PDF copy of the ‘YOU Inside the Mum’ Manual which gives you more ways to change how you feel. Topics such as loss of identity, relationships, anger, guilt, time management, how to be passionate about life, and lots of tips to deal with everyday little problems that we incur as mums.
Free Bonus #3: Discounts on Future Membership ($29.95 value)
After you complete the initial 12 week program, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for our ongoing membership site for a discount. You’ll receive ongoing support and full access to all of the week’s lessons, so as you continue your recovery, you always have someone to lean on.


To Recap, Here’s Everything You Get:
  • Access to your weekly e-classes via the member’s site.
  • Access to your weekly e-classes via audio.
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you inspired.
  • Access to the 300-page PDF of The “YOU Inside the Mum” Manual (retailing at $29.95).
  • A PDF copy of The Happy Mum Handbook (retailing at $29.95) absolutely FREE.
  • Access to our members-only forum for any question you have.
  • Email support for those sensitive questions that you don’t want displayed on the forum
You Get ALL of This for Just $19.95 a week!
I can assure you… $19.95 is a very small amount to invest in a stress-free, happier life!
That’s basically what it costs for a quality large pizza. And I’m sure a large pizza isn’t going to show you how to permanently feel happy and better about your life.
I just know this 12 week program is going to help ease your pains and frustrations… and solve your problems that you’re facing as a new mum who has suddenly found herself overwhelmed.
I know this stuff works because I’ve gotten a ton of Success Stories from other women who have used it to get through their depression a lot faster and easier… and become happy.
In fact, here are 2 recent success stories I received from mums who have used my advice…
Testimonial 1: “I have never really read anything like this. It made me realize how much judgement I have in my life. And that my mood is determined by my ‘get my life right’ model. It’s nice to accept myself and know I have implicit value despite my output.” Lisa – Glen Iris, Victoria

Testimonial 2: “I am really enjoying the program so far… I’ve just completed week 4 and it’s given me so much hope that I can finally take responsibility for my thoughts and get better. Counselling seemed like dragging up issues, and medication felt like masking the pain. Finally something practical that I can use. I love how it is broken down into manageable sections and literally takes 5 minutes a day. Zac sat next to me and played happily with his cars while I completed the lesson – that’s how easy it is to find the time. Kara – Ballarat, Victoria
Knowing I’ve developed a method that helps others is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

Here’s Your No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!
You know… I’m very confident this postpartum depression recovery program will give you everything you need so you can start feeling happy and like yourself again.
I’ve already tested and proven it with my own success. And it has also worked for each and every Mum who has seriously followed along in the program.
But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you by letting you use this program at my expense!
I want you to do what’s BEST for you, right now. In other words… go ahead and order this program right now and take a full 8 weeks to try it out.
If you don’t feel like you’re happier, like you have more feelings of well-being and peace of mind, if you don’t feel like your life has changed for the best… just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. Absolutely no questions asked. Period.
That’s more than a guarantee, that’s a personal promise.
And since you took the time to try it, you can keep the PDF bonus gifts… free of charge… even if you decide to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.
It’s Your Turn To Shine…
To Do Something For YOU
So you have a very important choice to make here.
You can keep WISHING you had the happiness and the life you want. But as you already know…postpartum depression won’t just go away UNLESS you do something to change it.
I Don’t Want You to Feel Like This Forever
Or… you can take action and do this for your family, your kids, and more importantly…for YOU!
In just a few short weeks… you can have the happiness you never thought possible. And when you’re happy and confident with yourself… you just feel a WHOLE lot better.
And you know something… you deserve this. As a new mum… you want to feel good about your life, your kids, and your family, right?
So go ahead and take the next step. It really will be a life-changing experience… I promise!
Use my experience as a shortcut guide that can lead you to a new outlook…a newfound happiness… straight to a brand new you!
Here’s what to do now: Click the “register now” button below and order through paypal (you don’t have to have an account) and you’ll be downloading the log in information in just a minute!


Jackie Hall
P.S. Sadly, so many Mums will go about their lives without experiencing the happiness and peace of mind they deserve. They’re too busy giving to others… and not to themselves.
I don’t want you to be one of them. It’s important you feel GOOD – it’s important you’re happy!
Just think of how you’ll feel when you’re finally free from the feelings of sadness, despair, and emptiness and how your life will be when you feel like you’re FINALLY the Mum you know you can be.
You’ll feel more like yourself… like you’ve finally gotten your life back. You’ll be happy and free.
P.P.S. And remember, there’s absolutely no risk for trying this out. If it’s not for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily. So don’t you owe it to yourself to at least try it?
Don’t delay. Order now and you can be receiving this program in less than a minute.


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