11 March 2013

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Ever feel like you're drowning (metaphorically speaking) and you're not sure where the life preserver is that you know is out there somewhere, nor are you sure you want to take it? Yeah, that's me lately. School has been an absolute BEAST to adjust to (which is probably related to that whole "taking 17 credits in school thanks to the academic adviser from hell who set me up for failure" thing). And of course, having 3 small children and a husband at home, all of whom are also having to adjust to the total change in lifestyle and schedule for all of us, well, that adds a little extra dimension or ten to matters.

Lately, I think to myself "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" (you know, from Finding Nemo), and then I think "I don't want to keep swimming. I'm tired of swimming.", and then of course I beat myself up for my defeatist attitude, and then I beat myself up for beating myself up, and then I scold myself for being so dramatic, and eventually I finish my homework, go to bed, and then go through the whole routine again the next day.

I decided to drop my Anatomy classes (I was taking Anatomy Lecture and Lab) which takes me down to 13 units. It's still pretty intense but it's more manageable. I didn't want to drop a class but it was way too much and I wasn't doing well at all in Anatomy (and by not doing well, I mean I'd be lucky to have passed the course at the end of the semester).

Hopefully, dropping Anatomy will be the life preserver I needed and I can get back on top of things.

And yes, I am being totally metaphorical and am in no way a danger to myself or anyone else.


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  1. Brilliant, all the way round, from metaphors to style to dropping the course.